Hello to all Internet users. And above all, welcome to the website of the Bilingual School Complex “THE logocitoyenCITIZENS”. I am Achile Valère AYISSI, Promoter-Manager of this private school and vocational training complex. A teacher by training, I am a teacher at the Normal Schools of Teachers, grade; and Pedagogical Inspector, of function.

My firm will coupled with a strong determination to make my contribution to the building of a quality education in my country, motivated me, despite rather modest means, to set up this school project, more than ten years ago. And immediately, the welcome of the parents of students and their unconditional support pushed me to always go further, in improving the quantitative and above all qualitative offer of the service offered.

To date, according to a typology based on the levels of education and the educational sub-systems in force in the Republic of Cameroon (English-speaking and French-speaking), the Bilingual School Complex “THE CITIZENS” comprises no less than 7 (seven) types. schools, namely: an Anglophone Nursery School, a Francophone Nursery School, an Anglophone Primary School, a Francophone Primary School, an Anglophone 1st and 2nd cycles College, a Francophone 1st and 2nd cycles College and a Bilingual Normal School of Teachers .

In the era of the explosion of new information and communication technologies, and with an increasingly diversified, increasingly intelligent and therefore more demanding educational community; the need to satisfy multiple communicational demands has almost become an existential issue. Hence the creation and posting of this website. The main objective of this interactive platform is to make the entire life of the complex more visible, seen from the passive, active and prospective angles.

While wishing you to spend pleasant moments while you are going to visit this site, I would like to remind you that I remain positively very sensitive to all the proposals, suggestions and constructive criticisms which may bring added value to these first steps on the slippery slope of cybernetic initiates. Receive my very cordial greetings.

Année Scolaire 2022

Enseignement Général:

  • de la 6ème en Tle CD
  • 6ème, 5ème et 4ème bilingue
  • 1ère et Tle Tle TI

Condition d'admission



  • Electricité;
  • Maçonnerie;
  • Employers des services comptables;
  • Economoie Sociale et Familiale;
  • Couture sur mesure.

Condition d'admission






There are many reasons why you should choose us


 Computer Room


Science Laboratory

They are impressed with our services

testimonial 1

"Nous travaillons chaque jour un peu plus pour mériter davantage la confiance des parents de nos élèves."

Mme Germaine AYISSI
Directrice du Groupe Scolaire Bilingue les Citoyens

testimonial 2

"L'Excellence est un choix. Nous travaillons cahque jour pour soigner et promouvoir davantage notre  image de marque. "

M. Achile Valère AYISSI
Promoterur & Manager du Complexe

Pourquoi Choisir les Cityens?

  • Un accès facile, à 150 m de la route nationale N°1 ;
  • Un calme propice à l’apprentissage ;
  • Une clôture et un agent de sécurité ;
  • Une propreté impeccable ;
  • Une infrastructure émergente ;
  • Une salle informatique bien équipé ;gagée.

With the "Citoyens"


L'Excellence est un choix

Contact Us

Address: BP: 20436 Yaoundé

Email: info@lescitoyens-school.cm

Site Web: www.lescitoyens-school.cm

Tel: 677 63 60 30/ 675 18 34 31/675 01 60 12

Situé à Nkozoa, derrière la station Bocom à150 m du goudron




Le groupe Scolaire Bilingue Les Capucines est situé à Ebang face École Publique à 150 du goudron.


Le collège Bilingue les Capucines est un collège d'enseignement général bilingue à cycle complet.

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