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Hello dear internet users, welcome to the web site of ‘’LES CITOYENS’’ Bilingual

I am Achile Valere Ayissi, founder and manager of this educational and professional Bilingual complex.

Being a teacher by profession, I am a lecturer of teacher’s Training colleges by grade and a pedagogic inspector. My firm desire coupled with a strong determination to contribute to the edification of an education of quality in my country, motivated me, despite the limited means to put up this project some to 10years ago.

The acceptances of the parent and their unconditional support have always pushed me to go further in the amelioration of the quantitative and qualitative service offered to the public.

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Complexe Bilingue les Citoyens

Département de la Mefou Afamba
Arrondissement de Soa

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Fixe: 242 02 40 60

Mobile: 677 63 60 30 / 675 18 34 31

                       699 59 20 09

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