It is the first person responsible of the school, in all place and in all circumstance. He/it assumes the civil, administrative, financial and educational responsibility of the CSBC.   

Placed statutorily under the Founder's presidency, the advice of school is a way of board of directors having for role, the supervision, the control, the deliberation and the assessment of the working of the CSBC.   
The advice of school is an organ restricts of which some members are of right and other nominees by the founder.   
Composition of the advice of school of the CSB " THE CITIZENS "   

  • The Founder;  
  • The Director;  
  • Chief SAAF;  
  • The Supervisor Générale;  
  • Chief BAG;  
  • The Office of Coordination of the English-speaking Section (BCSA)  
  • The Chief of service of the transportation;  
  • The President of the APEE, and;  
  • The representative delegated of the teachers (to delegate)  
  • The representative delegated of the pupils (to delegate)   

     The Director of the general Supervision of all activities in this case:   

  • the inspection, the control and the follow-up of the assignments confided to every person responsible;   
  • the educational and extracurricular activity coordination;   
  • the major litigation regulation enters the taking parts (pupils, pupils - masters, teachers, professors, etc.;   
  • the control of the canteen.   
  • Otherwise, she/it works in direct collaboration with the HIS/HER/ITS of the ENIEG, in the setting of the follow-up of the training pupils - main.   
  • She/it works in direct collaboration with the SAAF for the validation of the case stops;   
  • She/it is, after the Founder, the second organizer of the expenses,;
  • She/it receives the indelicate parents.   

Chief SAAF is in charge of:  

  • The management, the control and the follow-up of the work of the staff of the general service;   
  • the perception, the follow-up and the sécurisation of education expenses in open accounts to the level of the banks and micro - finances;   
  • The execution of the expenses ordered by the founder or the director and of the follow-up of their liquidations;   
  • The development of the technical files of the markets and the drafts of budget;   
  • Provision and the distribution of the material in all services, offices and stations of work;   
  • The coordination of the activities of different chiefs of office to know:   
  • The general business office.   
  • The office of the discipline;   
  • The office of the transportation;   
  • The Office of Coordination of the English-speaking Section (BCSA) 

The Chief HIS/HER/ITS is in charge of:  

  • the organization and the follow-up of the teaching advices.   
  • the organization and the follow-up of the courses, the convenient activities, the practicums and the different assessments; 
  • The development and follow-up of the schedules.   
  • The development and the setting in application of the research programs.   
  • The moderation and the diffusion of the assessment instruments.   
  • The follow-up of the progressions and the control of the rates of cover of the programs.   
  • The control of the work of the pupils - main and the coordination of the replenishment of the bulletins of notes.  
  • The follow-up of the plan of action and the different periodic piece deposit;   
  • The representation and replacement of the promoter - leading, in cases of obstacle.   

The Supervisor Générale is in charge of:  

  • The discipline, the order, and the cleanliness in the CSBC.   
  • The execution and the strict application of different interior regulations of the taking parts as: the teachers, the pupils, the pupils - main, the professors of ENIEG, parents, etc.   
  • The notation of the conduct of the main pupils in all circumstances.   
  • The disciplinary file constitution and the follow-up of the execution of the sanctions inflicted to the different parts.   
  • The organization and follow-up of the activities post and extracurricular.   
  • The control and the follow-up of the punctuality and the assiduity of the taking parts;   
  • The surveillance of the pupils - main at the hours of levee of color   
  • The treatment and follow-up of the demands of absence permission;   
  • The account made monthly of the absences and the delays of the teachers of the CSBC;  
  • The preservation of the picture of mark of the institution. 

Very near collaborator of Chief SAAF and under his/her/its authority, Chief BAG is in charge of:  

  • The Holding of the file and the staff's administrative files.   
  • The Working of the secretariat of the establishment and treatment of the mail.   
  • The Ordering and conservation of the archives as well as the Holding of the register matriculates.   
  • The establishment of the certificates of hold and resumption of service, of the efficient presence attestations to the station,   
  • Establishment of the certificates of education and the identification cards of the pupils - main, of the pupils as well as the professional cards.   
  • The execution of some expense.   
  • The Preparation of the synthesis of the various needs for the set of the establishment.   
  • The Conservation and accounting of the heritage of the establishment.   
  • The material organization of the assessments sequential and other internal exams.   
  • The organization and follow-up of the practicums of the pupils - main.   
  • The Working of the library.   
  • The Holding of the newspapers and organization of the clubs.   
  • The Preparation of the topics of reflection and the themes of conference.   
  • The Formulation of the needs concerning documentation for the library.   
  • The Holding of the memory file for the pupils - main.   
  • The storage of the different reports of the advices of teachings and other évènements.   
  • The management of the multimedia room (supervisor of the courses convenient of the T.I.CS.)   
  • Holding and the follow-up of the edible and non edible material.   
  • The director's aid in the educational supervision  


  • She/it helps the Director in the exercise of his/her/its functions and represent it validly in case of absence or obstacle;   
  • She/it is especially charged of the coordination of the activities educational of the English-speaking section.  
  • She/it is charged of the translation of all administrative and educational documents in English language;  
  • She/it is responsible for the bilingualism promotion in the CSBC;  
  • She/it is charged of the different uniform care and other edible materials in collaboration with the SAAF  


  • The Council of the masters is composed of the set of the teaching staff of the GSB.   
  • Him guarantor of the quality of the teachings dispensed in the class rooms.
  • It is the supreme organ of deliberation for what is academic problems.   

They are statutorily the supervisors in chief during their workweek. To this effect, them loaded of:   

  • To welcome all pupils while controling the bodily and sartorial cleanliness;  
  • To organize the levee of the colors;  
  • To frame the pupils during the recreations;  
  • To make to wash the toilets and to empty the trash cans;  
  • To let the establishment in an impeccable cleanliness state to the exit of classifies them  
  • To write the daily reports in the notebook of service while raising all incidents and remarkable facts;  
  • To really make their work, they must be the first to arrive and the last to leave  

The office of the transportation is composed of the set of the drivers. He/it is placed under the authority of an office chief loaded of:   

  • Of the collection and the transfer of transportation expenses paid by parents;   
  • The technical control, the maintenance and the follow-up of the vehicles;   
  • Of the organization and the coordination of the work of his/her/its direct collaborators.   

He/it is in charge of:  

  • The welcome of parents and visitors;   
  • To inform and to orient all visitor;   
  • To verify the merit and the reason of the visit,   
  • To ascertain the availability of the staff solicited by the visitor;   
  • To recover and to secure all objects led astray by the pupils;   
  • THE GUARD (continuation)   
  • To welcome the pupils since their arrival,   
  • To attend the departure of the pupils at the end of the courses,  
  • To remain permanently in station;  
  • To open and to close the portal and the gate;   
  • Maintains the portal and the gate always closed,   
  • To filter the entries and the exits of the discreetly some and of the other;   
  • To look after the security of the pupils and the staff,   
  • To look after goods furnitures and buildings of the structure. 

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